Tycoon NFTs With Upgradable Metadata

10,000 Tycoons are headed to the metaverse after news of untapped business opportunities! Tycoons come in all shapes and sizes.

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About Us

Our goal is to change the narrative in NFT space from just a profile picture, to a multi-utility asset that evolves with strategy and complexity as the game plays on. From our roots with Vending Machines we maintain an honest and fair system with holders first on our minds.

As we are building this community, it's establishing itself as an umbrella to many more NFT projects to come. An NFT collection by the community for the community!

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Our Features

Our tri-token ecosystem has been tested time and time again to provide a fun spin on the boring DeFi experience. You might even learn a little about economics on your journey.


Mint Your Own VM Tycoon


Please note:

The picture above shows example Tycoon NFT's.
They are not the exact one you will receive.
All Tycoon NFTs are unique.

The VM Tycoon collection is limited to 10,000 unique NFT’s. Once all have been minted, you’ll have to purchase through the Marketplace.


Our Vision

Our inspiration for this project was Chikn. The well thought out ecosystem and balance was inspirational in our vision. We wanted to duplicate that success and bring the same experience to people that might have missed the boat. VM Tycoon is just the beginning.

Vision Statement
  • Create a tri-token foundation for future utility
  • Transparency and honesty at all levels of the game
  • Provide the best community support
  • Fund liquidity to stabilize project volatility
  • Create a fun environment to play, chat and relax
As time goes by

Our Roadmap

Project DevelopmentQ1 2022

• Development and testing of contracts
• Art development for NFT’s, Website & Social Media
• Website Development
• Establish Social Media

Project LaunchQ1 2022

• Mining NFT’s for sale on the Avalanche ecosystem
• $BIZ and $DOLLA liquidity established
• Post launch marketing campaign begins

Post LaunchQ2 2022

• Partnerships & Collaborations
• Expand to other chains
• Establish VMDao
• CoinMarketCap listing
• CoinGecko Listing

Our Exchanges

Biz & Dolla

Click at the images to visit the exchanges for $biz and $dolla.


Pangolin Exchange


TraderJoe Exchange


Lydia Exchange